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Dad N Me Unblocked

[Total: 100    Average: 4.4/5]

Dad n Me is a kind of game you have never played before. In fact it is an action game with elements of fighting and adventure, where the main character of the game - a little kid should walk through different streets, fight with other children and reach the finish alive. The graphics of the game as well as gameplay is really awesome. The colorful characters and the objects make it just awesome. Even though that the game seems to be very straightforward, it is difficult to complete even first level of the game.

Before starting to play the Dad n Me Unblocked, I would recommend you to watch the instructions and tutorial about game controls. As you know, your characters can fight, he can make different attack movements and at the same interact with different objects. For example, he can take something from the ground and use it as weapon during the fight. The only thing that you must keep an eye on is health bar. As soon as your health goes down - you die and start the level from the beginning. The main keys in the game are A and S buttons. Using different combinations of these buttons, you can perform different attacks. You can also run faster if you hit the direction button twice. Hope that you will enjoy the Dad n Me Unblocked game at our website. Browse the controls below and have fun.

[A] = light jab
[S] = heavy attack
[Arrows] = move